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4 Setting In the Edge

Setting in: creating an accurate outline. In this case the outline consists of the divisions or splits in the vane that give a feather its characteristic appearance. Vary these splits: position, width and depth, and avoid the temptation of order them or in any way make them regular!

You'll also see me deal with a defect in the wood. Dealing with knots or splits is sometimes a challenge. Ideally they wouldn't be there! On the other hand, removing, incorporating or otherwise dealing with some defect successfully is a happy event. It's as if you get one up on the prodigal wood...

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| 19 March 2017 20:48

Karen - All wood, being a living material, will throw up odd defects like this. You try and choose wood well and design out the imperfections but you will never completely avoid them and have to learn how to repair or 'carve them out'.
This particular sort of defect, a latex channel or pocket, is common in Jelutong and the members of the rubber tree family.

| 18 March 2017 16:59

Chris can you carve out this imperfection when carving other wood or is it only possible because you are using Jelutong?

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