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3 Shaping

Shaping: In carving terms this is 'bosting' or 'bosting in', getting the main shape before subtler modelling or details. If you put 'bosting' into the search box, top right, you'll find it happens in a lot of different projects.

Notice here how I am using the gouge both 'upside down' (inner bevel to the wood) or the 'right way up'; using both hands as I swap direction with the low angle grip, and try to keep the wood clean with my carving brush.

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| 26 June 2017 12:36

Karen - By 'stem' you mean the centre shaft? It must be deep enough to be present and obvious but not deeper than the background plane. There's no numerical value I can give you I'm afraid. Adjust until it looks right!

| 23 June 2017 15:52

Chris when you begin to carve the stem of the feather approx. how deep are you going down? You may have said this already but I've missed it.

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