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Artistic licence. Well, that's what I call it. Because of the nature of wood and low relief I needed to move a bit of the church to another part, simplify some elements in the building and, having moved a tree from one side to the other, massively pruned it. And you know what? No one has even noticed!

Texturing is a curious subject to tell you about: so much I make up as I go along. Do experiment with your carving wood on some spare wood first.

Note: If a little bit of the video looks odd it's because Carrie inverted the footage she took. The result is that you can follow my carving the 'right way up'. You'll see!


| 21 July 2015 15:20

George - With hindsight, perhaps I should have stated the dimensions. I didn't give the measurement as I assumed available wood might be quite variable, not to mention churches. And now I'm afraid I donated the carving to a local fund raising event, so no longer have it to measure! However, if you print out the download (About > Downloads) you'll find I added a scale on the working drawing so you can readily work out the size of the board I used.

| 21 July 2015 12:45

Hi Chris Carrie, What is the actual size of your carving [the church] the size of the piece of Lime is what I am
after I can work it out from there.

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