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3 Setting in the Outline

The outline is the strongest change of plane; its strength helps the viewer instantly to understand what they are looking at. As we nibble back and use chisels toset in the outline of the building, precision is important. And not just precision in the outline but also the background, which needs to be kept true as it abuts the walls and roofs.


| 23 July 2015 15:16

Pete - Innocent! I never said we don't blow away shavings. However, I do say that you mustn't blow away the shavings from someone else's carving!

| 22 July 2015 17:07

Oooh Chris, are we in trouble!! My wife watched this one over my shoulder and she lost count of how many times you blew the shavings away. Something I'd told her we carvers never do.

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