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1 Practise Cuts

This holly leaf is a great project for beginners because there are so many basic techniques to share and with not too much effort you can repeat to make a terrific frieze for 'tea light' candles or a base for a large candle.

But it's also a great project for more experienced carvers who could take this simple design and run with it. I've made my holly leaf curved but it could be straight, different sizes, overlapping... Or on breadboards, furniture, mirror corners, mixed with other laves in the same style...

Let's see what you do in the gallery!

In this lesson I look at the the initial drawing and start making a sample of the basic holly leaf pattern.

Warning: Never put candles directly into wood. If they burn down, the wood itself may act as a wick for the melted wax and catch fire. Always use a metal in between, a cup or candle fitting.

The download (below) contains working drawings and notes on tools and wood, and where to get the brass candle fittings.

Subscriber download: Holly Leaves - Working Drawing and Notes
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