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6 Dory Interior

There's some detail to go in here, a suggestion of planks and the aft seat but the main, and first, job is still to get the perspective right with the line of the farthest gunwale running quite close to the background in the middle. The ribs (what I call the 'frame' of the boat) are angled to catch the light and I emphasise the planes of the seat - both, again, helping the perspective. There is a lot of wood to come away inside, with a degree of undercutting. Note how I create a surface to the inside of the boat first and then lower it around the ribs. Simple low relief carving.


| 09 August 2014 13:48

Chris, I find the gunwales more difficult to do, keep straight, than one would expect... maybe after "apples" and "snails", a simple lesson on "straight" would be useful... :) ps: do you think that hard wood, though hard, can actually be "better" carving wood, responding in more of a net way to the tools? (limewood vs. walnut for example)

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