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1 Practice

The 'wheatear' ( or simply 'wheat') is a lovely type of moulding, meaning that the pattern develops from a series of repeated cuts, and a breadboard is the perfect place to show it off!

I bought the breadboard from a kitchen store so, with the right tools this is a great weekend project and the sort of gift everyone would appreciate!

In this lesson, we'll break it all down and do a little practice before tackling the real thing.

Tool list for this project is in the download - link below. You can easily adjust the tools to make this whearear moulding bigger or smaller, longer or shorter, depending on what you need for the size of board. In fact, I suggest that, once you grasp the processand technique, you play around with different tools to see the different posibilities.


| 18 September 2019 11:15

Oh Man!

How simple it is if you just have someone to show you how. Just watching this my blood pressure dropped 10 points.

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