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5 The Nails

A Post-Modern take? Perhaps. Or, rather, a tongue-in-cheek way of saying that I was toying with the design and thought a nail over which the material hangs seemed fun for a stand-alone swag and drop, rather than the ring or knot you might see on a classical mantelpiece or mirror frame.

In this video I carve the nails out of contrasting wood and bore the delicate hole in swag where the material will appear to drape over them; remove the carving from the backing board; finish with beeswax, and assemble the whole thing.


| 24 January 2023 22:31

Thank you.

| 24 January 2023 11:19

John - No, I left the wax until last. I didn't want to interfere with the glue!

| 22 January 2023 20:51

Did you wax the permanent pins before you glued them in?

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