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2 Bosting In

First, the big shape...

In other words, bosting, the carving term for getting the initial forms and flow right, on which we will model details. In this video you'll see that cutting-from-the-left-meeting-cutting-from-the-right difficulty and the best way to deal with it.

Please note: You'll see me occasionally thumping the handle of the gouge with my hand. You really don't want to do this! It's was a good way to damage the nerves and tendons in your hand. My excuse is that Carrie was filming and I didn't want to reach for my mallet. It's a easy and readily done thing but don't get into the habit. Use your mallet if you need extra oomph!


| 20 May 2015 16:32

Lucky you didn't have my Master Chris. If he ever caught me doing that he used to throw his mallet at me with a shout. "I've told yer afore, if yer really wants dead useless hands by the time you're fifty jus' keep doing that. I went home many evenings with a lump somewhere on me. He never missed

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