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2 Banner Carving

When is a 'banner' a 'scroll'?

Both are long and thin, and both have ends that turn over ('scroll'). I tend to use the terms interchangeably anyway but, if we were being exact, I think a 'banner' usually depicts more of a heraldic or similar device; and a scroll looks more like a written document. Here we have a bit of both - a banner with writing on it. Letters were often painted onto nautical banners, and you can certainly do this, especially if you might want to change the ownership of the box some time!

I hold the banner down using the 'paper sandwich' method.

For subscribing members, below is my working drawing & tool list for the banner and other parts of the Sea Chest project.

Subscriber download: Sea Chest - Working Drawings


| 27 May 2014 14:54

Terry - I did slightly undercut the top and bottom edges, about 10 deg. You could make it more, or indeed leave the edges square: it's up to you as the carver how you want to play it; what effect you want; how strong you need the part to be; from where you think the piece will be viewed - that sort of thing.

| 25 May 2014 22:08

Chris: I've been interested in scroll designs for a while and your video is the very best treatment of them I've seen. I was having trouble visualizing the final shape but it's very clear here. How did you treat the long sides of the scroll? Were they undercut as well or left vertical and sanded like the rest?

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