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4 Main Petals

Form and line:

The form is in the 3-dimensional way the rounded petals rise up and out from the boss and then switch to a hollow towards the edge.

The lines are formed around the centre of the leaves and the way they sort of 'bump' into the boss, all adding to the radiating dynamic of the carving.


| 07 June 2014 14:37

Got-cha. Thanks. I needed that. The more I watch this video, (for that matter, each of them), I see things I miss from the time before. Your rounding the edges was one of those things.

| 07 June 2014 08:38

Steve - Bear in mind that the grain direction changes around the circle; that I'm self-consciously talking while being filmed; and that it's a one off carving -.I was being careful, not wanting to have to carve wood back on! If I were carving a lot of these, I'd get into the rhythmn and sense of what I wanted to achieve with my cuts, and no doubt I'd take wood away more efficiently and vigorously.

| 07 June 2014 02:21

Nice project. My question here; why did you take several cuts each time instead of ONE on each side of the pedal? Thanks

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