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3 Defining the Rope

Feel the flow.

I say this somewhat overused phrase here and in later lessons with regard to the grooves of lines between 'bines' (the 'rope' itself) and also the bines themselves. I'm trying to put across both the sense of fluidity you want for these things as well as the final physical feel.

You've drawn out accurately, now cut in the lines accurately and finally, in the next lesson, shape accurately and you'll have something that looks stunning.


| 02 November 2015 18:35

Klaus - Sawing is a technique you'll see me use for the Barley Twist that will appear 20th November - soon! I go straight to the V tool for shallower 'bines' (grooves) like the Rope, and keep the saw for deeper bines like the Barley Twist. But there's nothing to stop you having a go. Let us know how you get on?

| 27 October 2015 21:17

Instead of using a V-tool would it be possible to use say a tenon saw with a depth stop to make the spiral cuts and then use the gouge to do the round over? Then maybe clean up with a V-tool.

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