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Introduction to Drapery

Quite a few times I've been asked, 'How do you do drapery'?

I think the question is not about the carving as such, which is essentially no different from other carving, but how drapery (clothes etc) 'works'. It looks so complicated!

Let me uncomplicate it for you...


| 23 January 2019 08:59

Great video. It just occurred to me that, for practice to gain proficiency in the skill of smoothing, that carving a shirt or a piece of drapery would be a fantastic method.

Thank you.

| 21 May 2015 02:39

Wow, that really was helpful! I am one of those who have asked you about drapery, and thanks so much for responding with such a great lesson. I clearly need a model and some silk! Ooh, this gets my creative juices flowing, thanks again!

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