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3 Laying Out

Guilloche, as with all mouldings is a pattern of repeating units. We need to lay it all out carefully first, construct our patten with meaningful lines where we will cut as accurately as possible.

In the download, I'll give you the working drawing, dimensions and tools that I used but, of course you may want to carve the guilloche to a different size or of a different frame. 3 bits of advice:

  1. You need to start with the tools YOU have, rather than what I use here - especially for the boss - and adjust the drawing to suit. So work this out a spare piece of wood and onto paper.
  2. At the same time you need to work the guilloche pattern to the dimensions of the frame, or whatever. The thing about most mouldings, and that includes the guilloche, is that they don't work around corners (see download), so you need to stop short or find another solution.
  3. Finish a 'free end' with a full looping band; never cut the loop/boss in half.
Subscriber download: Guilloche - Working Drawing and Tools
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