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3 Frosted Background

'Frosting' or 'matting' is the term for a special sort of texturing using a 'froster', 'frosting tool' or 'matting tool'. We've seen it used to good effect elswhere on Woodcarving

There are different ways of using the froster, so do experiment first. You might even like to have a go at a different sort of texturing, such as here:

Wood dye: I called it 'generic'. I've had the bottle for too many years and as you can see it doesn't have a label on it. Essentially it's a water-based wood stain and I'm sure there's lots about!

Paint: I used artists guache, gold and brushed it across the surface very dry, in other words straight from the tube without adding water.

Finish: The final protective finish I applied was an artist's acrylic varnish with uv-filters to keep the colour. 

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| 20 May 2020 01:04

Thank you so much for sharing these videos at this time. I’m just getting started and love your teaching.

| 24 January 2018 11:47

Henk - I have found that methylated spirits or surgical alcohol will remove photomount-type glue. I wonder if you over-sprayed? You only need a thin spray on the wood or paper surface, just enough to hold the paper; over-spraying will soak through the paper and then it's hard to get it to release. I've been printing onto sticky label paper and that comes away even easier with the meths, which shouldn't mark the wood.
If all else fails then, yes, it has to be sandpaper. Make sure you brush all the grit away before re-touching with your carving tools.

| 24 January 2018 10:11

Good morning Chris,
I was pleased with this sample and made one for myself. I used Photo Mount Spray Adhesive to glue the paper, but it was difficult to remove the paper, when finished. In the end used a fine sandpaper, but that of course effected the background colour.
And warm water and a brush effected the background as well. Do you have suggestions how to remove the paper?
Henk Joosten.

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