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2 Simple Line

We have here a great exercise in tool control: low angle grip and running cuts; swapping hands, pivoting, exact stopping; and smooth flowing lines...

What's the difference between a 'veiner' and a V tool? What's the advantage of one over the other? Well, in this lesson, let me show you.

I've coated the wood with a thick brown varnish. The idea is to coat the wood with a hard layer that hasn't penetrated the surface and cut thugh that. By all means try a differnt colour if you can find it.

There's lots of applications for this type of carving, which is very 'rustic'. I first saw it in Bavaria where a carver was decorating a bowl with a flower bouquet.

Do practise first!

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| 30 January 2018 00:57

I haven't watched for a while, once again reminded to use my whole body, not just my arms! Better control, less effort.

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