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1 Introduction

One drawing: three ways of treating it. And three very different results.

This is my own design and you are welcome to use it, and all the designs on Woodcarving, but of course only for your personal use; you mustn't profit financially. I based my design on drawings of other Celtic-style beasts in the George Bain book below and have included it in the download.

However, for me, the design here is not what is important! What I really want to introduce you to are these simple techniques that punch far above their weight and lend themselves to all sorts of drawing-like designs. Once you've got the hang of them, do explore and show us something different in the Members Gallery!


  • Celtic Art - The Methods and Constructions. George Bain (Pub: William Maclellan 1951 SBN: 85335-196-1) This is the ur-book on Celtic art; there have been many more published since, including modern ones with computer graphics and programmes. 
  • Woodcarving Course and Reference Manual. Chris Pye (Pub: Fox Chapel 2010 ISBN: 978-1-56523-456-7) You'll find another, written version of this project, a Celtic bull, based on a Pictish bull that George Bain gives us in the above book.

Download: Wood, dimensions, tool list and notes - link below.


Subscriber download: Celtic Magpie Working Drawing and Notes
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