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4 Bands

You'll now see why we made a point of setting in the band walls vertically... These patterns of bands or ribbons are all about evenness, clean, true lines and neat repetition as they journey under and over.

Note on Wood:

Do try your knots in different woods. I chose the one I used here, Jelutong, and the size of the design for ease of showing you my approach. It's a soft wood and can be a little woolly, becoming less suitable the smaller your design.

Harder woods with tighter, closer grain are better for smaller work, and lighter woods show off the lights & shadows better than darker ones.

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| 12 March 2021 09:06

David - I don't know that particular adhesive. How about a bit of experimenting? (And report back!)
Generally I skim off any paper; It's usually part of the carving works and don't want to leave wood from the original planed surface anyway.
Sanding: that I'll do with lettering because I do want the original, flat board.
Residue: Denatured alcohol or acetone are your best solvents for this sort of thing, but it does depend on the glue. They don't normally leave their presence on the wood. If your paper is thin enough it may be they will lift the paper off too. But, again, worth an experiment.

| 10 March 2021 12:15


Not directly related to the actual carving but to using Spraymount to fix the pattern:

Do you find that when you pull off the paper- as opposed to ‘skimming’ off with a gouge or chisel - that you get a slightly sticky residue on the wood? If so do you skim it off, sand it or use a solvent ?

I’ve had this problem a couple of times but do wonder if it is related to the length of time for which the pattern is fixed - in which case the obvious answer is to spend more time carving and thus get finished quicker !!

Kind regards


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