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6 Consolidating Surfaces

Refining what we have.

And what we have should be a surfaces that are not too far from finished. It's inevitable that you'll have left facets where you've joined one cut with the next but, as barley twists look their best when they reflect the light smoothly, we need to turn to rasps and sandpaper to complete the shaping.

Safety: Wear a face mask when you are sanding. Use your hands to feel a sense of the flow of the barley twist spiral but be careful not to rub grit in your eyes!

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| 06 April 2018 23:06

Feather pillow stuffing sounds awful I'd much rather deal with white oak.

| 06 April 2018 07:19

Bill - Yes, wood can be really hard work. Sometimes I wish I'd taken up feather-pillow stuffing instead! What I find though is that just quietly keeping going is the key and, as you say, that miracle of the changing form appears beneath your hands.

| 05 April 2018 23:24

Hey Chris Bill Ellen here. I've been at the Center for Furniture Craftsmanship for the last month and and I still have 3 weeks to be here. I just want to tell you how much I have enjoyed your workshop videos and that I have learned a great deal from them. I am in the process of making one of these walking sticks and I have to tell you it is pleasure itself to find the shape appearing under my hands. Thank you. Damn that white oak is hard.

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