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1 Marking Out

Setting up and marking out: both are important to get right!

In this first part of the project, I'm using the same jig that I made for the Rope Candlesticks, with extra support; and following a similar layout for the bines and troughs. There's a huge difference in the appearance, however, and the way we carve them differs. There's also a huge difference between barley twists! Again you'll need a woodturner to make the cylindrical blanks.

So, you don't want to make a walking stick? Well, there's a whole world of Barley Twists out there, not to mention the Victorian boiled sugar confectionery, and this project is really only a taster, a way of getting the methodology across. Table legs and four-poster beds spring to mind straight away, all approached in a similar way. They come in all shapes and sizes, even pierced. Search online for inspiration?

You'll also find more on barley twists in my book: Carving on Turning (GMC Publications. ISBN: 9780946819881).

For subscribing members, below are some notes and a tool list for the Barley Twist I make in these lessons.

Subscriber download: Barley Twist (PDF)


| 16 December 2016 16:06

Sorry Chris I seem to be ahead of the filming. I saw the PDF. Thanks

| 16 December 2016 15:53

Chris this is very interesting, I'm learning a great deal but is it possible for those of us who don't have carpentry or turner back ground to get a document on how to build these jigs? As well as a document on how to create/draw out this barley twist. I have a good memory but it lasts only seconds. I can see many applications for this design and I would love to be able to duplicate it in the future.

| 24 November 2015 12:55

O.M.G. - I'm constantly amazed at what you are able to communicate and teach, Chris, especially in terms of project preparation and understanding. And I think I've now found the "candlesticks" that I want to "carve"!

| 24 November 2015 11:47

Hi Chris - Thank you for getting back to me, I do appreciate it. I also understand your position and the fact that you should be compensated for your efforts. There is way too much pirating of material these days. I was just wondering if it was possible. Being an old-school geezer like I am, other wireless options don't come to mind first and I would have trouble using them I think. The computer I use is enough of a challenge...!!

| 23 November 2015 21:24

Dennis - Sorry, although I do appreciate the difficulty, the videos are not available on DVD or for download, and won't be in the foreseeable future. This is very much an acknowledgement that we have a membership who engage in the website. And with ever-better broadband, wireless and inexpensive tablet-like computers, streaming has taken over; DVDs are definitely on their way out. I would also add that my own woodcarving DVDs have been pirated so much that it's been a long while since I saw any remuneration and we don't want that to happen with the enormous investment of time and effort we're making here I know this doesn't help you and I'm a little at a loss what to suggest. You might consider a 3 or 4G network connection with a tablet a good investment? We've tried to keep the membership costs as low as possible to help people out with issues like this.

| 22 November 2015 12:30

I wanted to know if there is a way to copy your video files to a DVD. My shop and computer are in two different locations and I wanted to be able to watch and pause the videos while I am working on a project. I am a subscribing member.
Thank you

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