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Slip Sliding Away

This is a one of the most important technical lessons on Woodcarving Workshops. It could readily be put among the Cutting to the Chase videos, which aim to pull out some key woodcarving nuggets for you.

When I began letter carving, years ago now, I'd sometimes quite suddenly slew my cutting edge disastrously out of the curves. It was so frustrating, not to say nerve-wracking! And it took me a while to understand what I was doing wrong. When I did, the whole of my carving relaxed and clicked up a notch - and not just with letters: every other aspect of my carving improved, from setting in slick fresh lines to clean and lovely surfaces.

Has this ever happened to you? Save yourself the heartache: In this lesson I'll share with you my light bulb moment and save you a lot of time learning the hard way...

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