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4 Setting in 2

Setting in continues with the more curved parts of the letters. You'll notice that what has looked like a mess suddenly starts to clear up!

I haven't been putting on the screen each and every tool I that use as I normally do. Exactly what gouge profiles you need will depend on what alphabet you use, so it's more the method here that you want to grasp. In the download I've put the tools that worked for my letters in this project - all pretty common gouges.

Frosting: or 'matting' is a way carvers stipple backgrounds and you can do it too when you have finished. There's an example here, and a workshop on how to make frosting tools here.

Subscriber download: Beer Caddy Construction Notes


| 18 February 2021 08:57

Lee - If you look in the 'Tools' section of the videos, we have one on shortbent skew chisels (I think it appears on the 3rd page) and there are more notes about what you are after in the text below.

As for sources, I'm afraid it's a matter of hunting the tools down online. Classic Hand Tools carry the Pfeil versions in the UK for example - sorry I can't make a active link in these comment boxes:
- but I see they have limited stock. These are specialist tools and no doubt not the first distributors want to stock. But worth the effort to find.

Good luck! Sorry not to be more precisely helpful.

| 17 February 2021 16:47

Hi Chris! Could you please post a link to the right and left short bent skew chisels you refer to in many of the videos

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