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3 Chair Back

This is quite a long video and you get to see a lot in real time. Here's a question I ask myself: Why do I choose such hard wood for some of these projects? I don't make a point of it but it does seem to happen a lot! This chair back is (a) Beech, a hard wood anyway and not one I like to carve and (b) The chair is very old and the wood has happily 'matured' and both add up to a lot of work. Hey ho all was well in the end.

The other issue I address here is holding the chair, an example of an awkward piece to work on. I've carved many bench and chairbacks over the years and with very few exceptions I've had the-bit-to-carve as a separate piece, before the final glue up. This is the best way by far. But sometimes you have no choice. Whatever you work out, remember it's not just access for carving that you are looking for. You also need to look after your back!

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| 25 January 2019 15:24

Pete - Yes, I can imagine runes having that chunky Gothic look. Before you carve the real thing, do practice on spare wood first! I know that must see obvious but I've been amazed how some carvers will have a go at the 'real thing' before they are confident. So take your time. Enjoy it if you can! I'm sure you'll find it easier than you expected.
Oh yes, and let's see the shield in the Gallery when you have finished!

| 21 January 2019 19:18

Hi Chris This couldn't be more appropriate as, I am about to carve a Viking Shield for a friend and carve a series of Viking Runes around the perimeter. Looking at your Gothic letters there would seem to be many similarities. Thanks so much. However, as this will be my first attempt at carving letters do not expect too much.

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