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5 Bosting In

''Bosting' is an important concept in woodcarving, and probably the more challenging aspect. It's more than 'roughing out' and, if we get it right, subsequent modelling and details will fall into place...


| 06 November 2013 13:59

Charles - It's Brazilian Mahogany.

| 06 November 2013 01:05

What species of wood are you carving. It appears to be a rather soft wood with a grain structure that resembles Philippians Mahogany.

| 16 April 2011 19:58

Chris, thank you for these "step-by-step" short video series. For beginners without formal training, these are invaluable. I already have a "feel" for what is supposed to happen in the process, the timing, etc. Huge leap in confidence from watching these. It is the "missing piece" that books leave us with (I own all your books).

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