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4 Head & Eyes

The head and eyes are tricky because of the short cross grain.

Take it carefully, a little cut at a time - especially carving the eyes - and sneak up on the shapes.


| 17 March 2014 19:01

Chris, Thank you for the quick response. It helps to look at it this way - sharping a pencil in reverse ("uphill") would be quite difficult!

| 16 March 2014 07:46

Tony - How's this? Grab a pencil. Look at how the 'grain' runs, in other words the fibres of the original tree. When you sharpen your pencil, you cut 'downhill' wrt. the grain - easy, clean cutting. No one sharpens a pencil the other way! That would be 'uphill' - difficult and teariing against the grain. (Though you CAN carve against the grain, ie 'uphill', with light slicing cuts..)

| 14 March 2014 15:59

I do enjoy watching these videos. Will you please explain to me - again - what you mean by going downhill or uphill while carving. Are you referring to the grain of the wood or to the contours of the subject? After watching many of your videos and attending one of your week long seminars in Rockport, Maine on relief carving, I still can't get the concept of downhill through my head! By the way, the seminar in Rockport was excellent!

Thank you Chris

| 08 February 2014 11:00

wow, I found this really interesting on how you planned the detailing. As I was watching you I was thinking to myself easy easy don't push to hard or you'll cut off the Head, Eyes . I was really surprised when you cut the lenght of the abdomen. I thought to myself Where is he going to get the EXTRA wood.... Duh underneath that's why you kept the background.. I learn quite a lot Again. Thanks Oh and the Camera work Wow right in there so we can see Thanks

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