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2 Background

The moth is essentially a relief carving with the background cut away. I guess you could choose to saw away the background right now, but I never like to remove wood early on that I might need later for a bit of 'redesigning'. You can reduce it quickly since you don't need to leave a finished surface, nor bother with tidying junctions.

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| 12 May 2020 16:33

Charles - I believe we have 2 issues here:
First, the tools: It does seem that I use a lot. I think I was being a bit self indulgent and I could use fewer. However, some tools are fairly essential - for example, it would be tricky to do the eyes without small gouges of the right size and sweep. If you have a limited range of tools, the best thing is to re-design the moth to fit what you have. My drawing is not fixed in stone! Have a look at your tools and ask yourself what would work.
Secondly, the wood: You don't actually say what is happening but off the top of my head I don't think the issue is in the same ballpark as having the 'wrong' shape tools or not enough of them. I would suggest you look at the sharpness of the tools you have. Also, this moth does make big demands on the wood and the Cedar and Pine might be too straight grained. Tight basswood is better.
Hope this helps!

| 08 May 2020 19:29

Hello Chris,
I have a slight problem with the tool list for the Moth / Butterfly project.
Have I interpreted the list correctly ? I have a count of 13 separate tools required for this project. If this is correct; it may very well have been the reason for the difficulty I experienced with this project.
I attempted the Moth using only 4 tools.
Due my failure rate, ( 3 times in a row ), I had mistakenly attributed the root cause of the problem to the material chosen.
First attempt was to try a tight grained, well seasoned Cedar.
Second attempt was a clear White pine.
Third was a seasoned Bass Wood pice to the small number of tools utilized my failure I thought perhaps it was caused by the material chosen
Please advise
Thank you

| 17 August 2013 17:43

I like the "nibbling" technique. Could have used that in my first relief project. Nice.

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