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3 Consolidating

This a deliberately simple carving so it's the surface we are consolidating more that anything.

The result is a single, self-contained form that looks like a small Sarcen stone as much as anything. By the way, one of my other heros is William of Occam, the 13th century philosopher and mathmatician. 'Occam's Razor' looks towards an essential simplicity in the solution to problems, and there is something quite beautiful about simplicity. You can readily apply the razor to woodcarving, and certainly to this Hepworth-style sort of work

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Download: Thoughts about Hepworth and her sculpture; why I'm using hand tools and not power, and 'direct carving'. Also wood and tools etc.


Subscriber download: Homage to Hepworth Notes


| 21 October 2020 19:20

Chris, I have been subscribing to your site for ages and (sorry) forgot all about it. I do love Hepworth and have visited in Cornwall and Yorkshire - listening to you talk about lines and energy is very inspirational - your approach is more inspiring than didactic - and I think I have been missing out on a lot and need to catch up.

Thank you


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