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Oil & Paint

This video is taken from the Bramley Cottage Sign video.

Paintingcarved letters is tricky as the paint tends to wick into the ends of the cut fibres. You really need to seal them first. In this lesson I follow the letter painting with a linseed oil finish to the surface.


| 15 April 2013 12:57

David, I am just learning carving but have built furniture for many years. All oils those you listed and did not list, all yield a slightly different tint to the wood. You can mix this oils to get yet another set of effects. You can also melt bees wax directly into these oils - using a low odor mineral spirit or turpentine as a solvent to adjust the consistency. The most clear solution that I have found is to use paraffin oil and bees wax with a small amount of solvent. Research traditional furniture wax based finishes and you will find many. The big-box hardware stores in the stated carry a product - "Howard's Feed and Wax", which is a mixture of orange oil and bees wax. I use this as a top coat finish for wood and leather products.

| 29 March 2013 10:34

Thanks for your comments.I have carved a lovespoon with delicate celtic knotes and Im hoping the wax will need less buffing (and accidents) but first I have to darken it with Tung oil. But as you said experimenting is the best course. Thanks for your help.

| 27 March 2013 19:41

David - You can certainly use these oils but, since I tend to stick to what I know works, I have little experience. Why not set up a little experiment with these various oils and the woods you like to use and make a judgement about the darkening etc? You can add wax over oil - let it dry first - but you should be able to buff up a nice sheen with just the oil itself.

| 27 March 2013 11:33

Hi. Thanks for these videos on finishers. I have found them to be very helpful. It is hard to visulise how these are done only from books. I have however noticed that you appear to only use Boiled Linseed oil. Is there any difference if I use Tung Oil or say Danish Oil. Will they darken more or need to be applied differently. I am also thinking of putting Beeswax over clear Tung oil after it has dried. I hope to get a sheen like finish.Is this OK to do?

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