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Natural History

This video is taken from the Frog Bowl project.

When is a frog not a frog? When you haven't done enough research...

Here's the crunch: you can't really expect to be able to carve a frog if you don't know what it looks like! Yes, of course we can recognise one when we see it, but do we know enough to support the hours of work we have ahead of us? And, today with the internet, research has never been easier. From research to drawings...


| 25 July 2020 20:13

There are three d models, and scans available, often for no charge, that I can get a lot of information from. They can be downloaded, and viewed from all angles in a three D viewer. (I have found "embed3d" good, and also free for personal use). "Sketchfab" is one source of models and scans.

Some of the scans are very detailed.

also you can take screen shots of the three d model from various views, below, above, sides, back, and so on, print them, and, edit them in an image editing program like (free) Gimp.

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