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Carving Curves 1

This video is taken from the Pizza Paddle project.

It shows me dealing with the curved elements of the letters. Normally, we carve with the layout running horizonal, along the grain. Here, the letters flow around the edge and thus the grain direction changes between letters. What's really important here is mastering the slicing cut. With this technique you'll be able to cut cleanly no matter what the grain direction.


| 04 March 2017 09:44

Peter - I certainly don't mind answering questions!
As you say, different letter forms, or different letter heights, require different tools - especially in the curves. But a lot of curves will repeat so you won't need that many. What I find is that I have one alphabet that I use again and again and it tends to be a certain size (for signs), and I suggest you work up one of these. Find an alphabet you like and practice so that you can carve the letters easily and immaculately. I suggest the Auriou one that we have along with the tool list in the download section of this site.
From there you can readily move out to others.

Let me add that because of the precision needed - you can't have, say, a 'bold' letter in the middle of the word, they all must look even and part of the same family - letter carving is a demanding skill. It takes a lot of practice to get the muscles, the hand-eye coordination, the understanding of the letter forms under your belt. So there is a lot simple practice time to be put in. But the result can well worth the effort, useful in so many ways and joyfully exquisite.

So, congratulations on finding lettering as something to engage with! I hope this site makes the path quicker and easier for you and i look forward to seeing your work in the gallery...

| 03 March 2017 18:40

Chris, is there a list of which gouges I would need to carve letters? I know that for different size lettering I would need different size tools but would just like to know what the basic tools would be. I have no plans of carving letters larger than 2 - 3 inches.


PS. You'll probably wish I never joined your site because of all the questions I have. ha ha

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