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4-5 High Angle Grip

Here is the second way of holding your carving tools: variations on this and the low-angle grip will cover 99% of what you need to do. It will feel a little odd at first - most carvers find their own way into it - but do persist.

There are more notes in the download.


| 19 October 2019 14:46

Mr Chris Pye
Thank you very much for the tip.

| 19 October 2019 14:18

Antonio - I'm glad you are enjoying the site! My aim is to teach fundamental carving skills that you can use on any project you like, including the 'process' from block to finished piece, so do keep an eye out for these as you dig in.

When you buy an Arkansas stone (whether bench or slip) you want translucence, this seems to be our best finishing grade. Not opaque or black. The term 'hard' is not so helpful really. I don't know the Pfeil or Kirschen stones but if they are translucent I'd suggest you buy whatever slipstones seem useful when you find them - they will last your lifetime and always a good investment. For forming an inside bevel, course and fine carborundum slipstones will be better, even opaque white Arkansas.

As for books, the only book of mine that is now actually published and available now is my Relief Carving one. It doesn't have anything we don't cover here but the ideas are formulated and lined up differently. So, yes, highly recommended!

Looking forward to seeing the owl in the members gallery!

| 18 October 2019 11:19

Dear Mr Pye
My name is Antonio. I'm from Portugal.
What a wonderful exercise this course is. I'm an amateur woodworker and sadly only an on-line apprentice. I came to your school recommended by Mrs Mary May after an e-mail exchange about my latest idea for a project. To carve an hawk owl for my wife out of a piece of a tree I harvested and dry in the last 8 years.
So there I was delighted watching your Tawny Owl project. But noticing your hands, and choices of tools. So I stopped and dig in more on to your ideas, the do's, the why's the how's.
To me this exercise, so simple and yet so useful. I just wish I knew it and done it years ago. Also your Sheffield List explanation the best I ear so far. I finally got it.

Although I saw a set in Classic Hand Tool in UK as your slip stones are gone, would you say the hard translucid Arkansas slipstone from Pfeil or Kirchen are ok? Or can you recommend another brand?

This is a wonderful resource. But I am a bit old fashion... so I like to have the book on my hand. I was looking to some of your books. And i found myself leaning on to the latest title. Can you share your thoughts about your books... Please don't say to buy them all I'm saving to buy more gauges.

Thank you for your time

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