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We love showcasing our members carvings; after all, getting people to carve is what Woodcarving Workshops is all about! In the gallery you’ll see a wide range of carvings, from novice to advanced; each one the result of time and effort, inspiration and dedication. We value them all!

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Chris & Carrie

Small Pierced Fish

Project Owner: Charlie Keenan
Type of Wood: Lime wood
Finish: Front - beeswax, Back - polyurethane
Dimensions: 30cm x 13.5cm x 2.8cm


I only started carving at beginning of the year, having retired and wanting a new hobby. I had taught myself carving and completed small pieces but wanted something new to try. It was suggested by my family to try some sort of fret work but I looked around the internet for inspiration and to see what to do. When I saw this website and Chris's fish, I joined there and then. I watched Chris do his fish and thought, why not?! Up until then I had only carved low relief work and no more than small pieces. I don't have many tools, work in my kitchen on a small workmate. It was very hard work but as it was in the first period of lockdown, it meant I kept at it. I'm very pleased with the results and am looking to do more detailed relief. And of course design more of my own work to carve.

This project was done by a carver with less than 12 months experience.

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